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Title: 2020/5/21 1:48:23
"[To: Business Owners] Hello, Are you preparing to reopen your business? When your business reopens, you'll want to ensure the health, safety, and state of mind of both your staff and customers. We can help. The Hand Sanitizer for Businesses is: -- FDA registered, formulated with 75% Ethyl alcohol and bleach-free, kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds -- Just ~$5 per 16.9-ounce bottle: the lowest cost for hand sanitizer you'll find on the business market. -- Offered in packages of 12, and a bulk discount is available for 5 cases and more. Do you want to place an order? Learn more at Stay safe and healthy during these most trying of times. Every single one of us is in this together. Jason Stout Hand Sanitizer for Businesses (TM) California, United States"

Title: 2020/5/18 4:55:57
Hi, Hi, This is Santosh Sahu. I am an enthusiastic writer. While surfing the internet, I found your site - ( that seemed to be very interesting and informative. I would love to discuss an opportunity to create an article for you. My article would be custom made for your site and would be helpful for your readers. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in. I look forward to your reply. Best regards, Your name.

Title: 2020/3/25 13:00:28
Are you doing to go orders now during the quarantine? If so please put something on your site

Title: 2020/2/21 3:31:38
Can I help you get more of your customers to come back and spend more money with you? Sorry for reaching out via your contact form... I couldn’t find your marketing manager’s email address anywhere. Our simple little system is a fraction of the other loyalty programs (just $49/month) and gets customers back in your doors within 14 days. We like the old-fashioned way of speaking to our potential clients and getting to know how we can best serve you. So, if you have questions, please schedule a call time on my calendar below and I will call you to have a chat at your convenience. Click here: Looking forward to being of service to you. Kind Regards, Brenton Garen -- Brenton Garen Founder, The Garen Group 1109 20th St., Santa Monica CA 90403 (323) 285-9895

Title: 2020/11/19 10:59:38
Will you be open for to go orders on Thanksgiving day, November 26th?

Title: 2019/9/2 21:45:17
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Title: 2019/5/29 2:13:02
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Title: 2019/11/12 3:27:49
Re: Error In Your Website…? Hello, My name is Jason Carner and I am a Digital Marketing Specialists for a Creative Agency. I was doing some industry benchmarking for a client of mine when I came across your website. I noticed a few technical errors which correspond with a drop of website traffic over the last 2-3 months which I thought I would bring to your attention. After closer inspection, it appears your site is lacking in 4 key criteria. 1- Website Speed 2- Link Diversity 3- Domain Authority 4- Competition Comparison I would love the chance to send you all the errors that at least give you a gauge on the quality of what I do. If you are interested then please share your Phone number and requirements. Our prices are less than half of what other companies charge. Thanks Jason Carner

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